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Monica Ahtstedt Sunde

Teacher, Sweden

Living Portraits are Evolvement Productions' signature pieces.

Designed in 2008 by owner Karine Petit, they were inspired by her real life dealings with the untimely death of a loved one. She began creating documentary-style films for people to be remembered through generations to come.


The intricate process of creating a living portrait includes a series of interviews, b-roll footage, the collecting of photographs, letters, archival footage when available, as well as data on your loved one's favorite music, films, books, and hobbies. Our team will then explore and extract from the assembled assets the essence of the portrait, and write a narrative based on interview segments.

The result can vary, at our clients' discretion, from a 10 minute video to a full-length 90 minute piece.

Inquire today about commissioning a Living Portrait for your loved one!

At Evolvement Productions, we pride ourselves in producing elegant, quality videos.

Each video is a unique documentary filled with emotion that will surely touch the hearts of your team members, business partners and associates, while highlighting professional achievements.

We include in our carefully crafted videos, archival photographs, b-roll footage, timeless musical pieces, and poignant interviews from the people closest to you.

Chris Colombus

Hollywood producer, director and writer, U.S.A.

We offer promotional videos where a great vision is met with greater aesthetic.

Our team has worked in the art, entertainment and film business for over 17 years of combined experience, and will bring flair, style and insight to the project at hand.

Let us help you showcase your skills, talent and expertise.

Gabrielle Franchina

Student & Dancer, U.S.A.

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