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Living Portraits

Living Portraits are Evolvement Productions' signature pieces.


A Man with a Gentle Heart

Cal Haskell,

Cal Haskell is a man with simple desires: to have a united family, a good “trade” and to be healthy. He also wants to spend time pursuing his passions of woodworking, hiking, sailing and the study of the native culture. His way to live is an example of true happiness and wisdom.


“I think I'm a spiritual person because, I believe in, the powers and the creation, that I see all around me, whether it be, flowers, trees, shrubs, animals, fish, birds, it's all part of the creation, and I believe that I'm part of that creation, and I believe in allowing other creations, to live and thrive.”

Cal Haskell

Monica Sunde,

A Swedish-Flavoured Living Portrait

Monica always relies on herself first. She is a strong woman who, as a teacher, influenced many lives. Life has dealt her many surprises, good and bad, but no matter what, she brings light to all situations. Her sense of humor is contagious and her heart, generous.

“To me, we’re just here for a short while. Enjoy life. Make sure you get a good wine, rather than five bottles of bad wine.”

Monica Sunde

Rosario Beauregard

When it comes to the joy of being a father, Rosario wins over all. For him, the beauty of life is all about caring for others. Now 98 years old, 8 years after the premiere of his documentary, Rosario is still thriving. Life is all about family and friends gatherings, good music, maple syrup, gin and the outdoors!

“Celui qui a le plus besoin, que ce soit dans ma famille ou que ce soit ailleurs, je serais prêt à lui aider. Le meilleur de la vie c'est de vivre en santé, à être heureux, puis rendre ton entourage heureux.”

“The one who is in need, in my family or else, I would be ready to help. The best of life is to be healthy, be happy, then bring happiness to your entourage.”

Rosario Beauregard

Craig Rogers: My Life

Craig, the free spirited. The person ready to explore new horizons and meet people around the world! A Californian, full of dreams, passion and energy. His curiosity fills his life with discoveries and knowledge.


"You pay the price for taking risks, but the price to not take risks is even higher.”

Craig Rogers

Un Portrait de Gilles Jobin

A man who strives for a better world, Gilles Jobin has worked most of his life to help his community. Influenced by his grand-father's philosophy, he established new systems and helped numerous individuals adapt to new, challenging environments. Overall, his life is populated with meaningful, passionate and loving relationships.


“J'aime aider les gens dont je sens qu'ils ont un potentiel qui n'est pas actualisé.”

“I love to help individuals in which I feel have potential that has not been actualized.”

Gilles Jobin

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